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Ronan's report

Miércoles, 24 de Abril. 2007

- During the weekend Anapam, my local fishing club, held its annual fishing Encounters. Abel, an active Foro participant, came form Asturias and gave some excellent fly tying demonstrations.
- Temperatures have risen sharply and I predict a very hot Summer.
- Rivers are coming back to normal and many of them are already fishable.
- In my home trout stream sedge hatches are in full bloom earlier this year and I am having very good fun with 'José Ramóns models. - Alejandro, Muskie and Raul ( CNL instructors) gave a PAIL casting course in Cáceres and from what I hear it was a real success.
- Pepe, caught a good number of fish with this original pattern.
- The Foro is debating on how to transfer lawn practice to the water. Some people prefer to suggest a summer outfit for the Stealth 'n' Streetwear store. That is what we call stealth here in Spain.
- Next Monday is a holiday and during the weekend I will get together with some fine casters for a shootout.
- A new chapter of Aitor's presentation in Atapuerca has been released: Adjusting the casting stroke.

Much more to happen on the next days. I'll keep you posted.


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