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Ronan's report

Monday 9th September, 2013

I'm back from Russia, which I talked about last Wednesday, and haven't finished talking about yet, because I'm going to edit the movie this week, and then straight into a three day ASP fishing float here in Hungary on the Drava (my current Home Water) - so life will become complicated this week since we are mixing up two different destinations - and that's just from my end - you'll have to keep your wits about you to stay on the ball.

Russia: amazing, the best indigenous brown trout fishing I've experienced, and possibly the best brown trout fishing in the world. You can't see them, but they are camouflaged (!). Interestingly they hang out in EXACTLY the same lies as they do in NZ; only in NZ their evolved camouflage system doesn't work. It was fun to pick fish out of skinny eyes of pools etc, in super-clear water, and yet not see the fish!

More follows from Russia soon...

But from one fishing trip to another - Peter had a few free days and needed a break from building his chimney (this is a true story - all stories on Sexyloops are true), and so we immediately went for a three-day ASP hunting float down the Drava on my return from Russia. And I'm just back from that one.

I learned some interesting things about ASP, since the water is low and clear and so had the opportunity to observe their behaviour. Firstly they definitely like a fly that is speeded up. I watched them below the fly, cruising and indeed overtaking the fly from underneath, with ease, and how a speeded-up fly is good, unlike trout for example. I also watched how they cruise the shorelines, even amongst fry, who are non-bothered by this - at least when the ASP move slowly, which also helps explain why hitting the banks with streamers works. Also it appears to me that ASP cruise beats, in the same way that trout do. All in all, a great and educational three days float, which could probably be condensed into two.

There is a lot of fly development at the moment by the way. Both Peter and I are into rabbit Matuka-style, although Peter has gone down the eyed-route, whereas I'm investigating fluorescence. Anvar last week in Russia (keep your wits about you at all times) gave me a key to understanding ugly flies that I'll let him talk about when he's ready, but that one simple idea has actually revolutionised my fishing and simultaneously confirmed me as a flytying God.

Basically it's all good. Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul

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Pic of Day

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