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Ronan's report

Sunday 23rd November, 2008

One week to go before the Revolution hits the mail. Phew, then we go undercover. Be sure to get your copy ordered to take advantage of our special offers and beat the Christmas post. While there, do what everyone else is doing and stock up on tippet material and pussy waders!

I'm back in NZ, gave the Sexyloops One Day Course here in Christchurch yesterday. Babus flies over this week so I'm busy preparing the Beast for her arrival. Deano has been to work on it of course... and painted it. This time it's not pink, which I have mixed thoughts about. I mean why pink last time, and not pink this time? And what does this say about Deano?

Bit of house cleaning going on on Sexyloops, updating some older software and we're redesigning the FP.

Snapcast goes out soon - next weekend - it's been a while since we've delivered one of these, but we now have a faster, slicker format - thanks to Jo.

It's great to be back in NZ. I'll hit the rivers soon, but first I'll be heading off to fish some lakes.

Eric's on FP tomorrow. Should be a good one!

Good stuff on the Board.

Cheers, Paul

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