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Ronan's report

Saturday 8th March, 2014

There are hundreds of species of fish to be pursued by us flyfishermen today. And if we are chasing the new one - or maybe our strategy doesn't work when we are fishing for a species well known to us - there certainly should be some questions about the correct tactics, fly selection and sometimes even about our equipment!

There are three different approaches from my point of view: fishing for trout, fishing for salmon and fishing for bonefish. Whatever we are fishing for the correct algorithm will be the same as one of three or could have some elements from more than only one.

Certainly many moments are present in each case. Presentation of the fly plays big and, at times, a crucial role. Observation over a reservoir, the binding of activity of fish to time of day and water level/change, seasonal changes of the behaviour of fish, spawning, insect emergence and other food items, in a large degree, defines success in fishing. But here I want to speak about differences...

So: Trout.
In many respects the success of fishing will depend on how precisely your fly represents the food items being eaten. Thus preferences will change both during the day and depending on the chosen place of fishing and at specific fish.

As the example of fish which doesn't eat in fresh water, interest in fly imitation isn't necessary. A key to success is an exact detection of a salmon location and the correct presentation of a fly. Choosing the right colours, silhouette, size of a fly and the way of its presentation as a consequence of a place of catching, the season, water level and temperature.

The background on which fish sees a fly and a colour of the water does matter. Skill level of a fisherman is often shown in ability to "hype up" inactive or low-active fish using special flies and presentations of a fly.

Sightfishing. A key to success is an accurate and precise cast and sometimes you have only one. Ability to see fish in the most difficult conditions will give you more chances.

And if you have an experience of catching these fishes, you won't have any inaccessible objects of catching... unless sometimes ability to make good hook up and good brakes on your reel won't appear even more important element :).


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