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Ronan's report

Thursday 1st November, 2012

The official state fishing season is over with the closer a week ago on the 3rd Sunday in October or something like that. I'm not really sure to be honest which may seem sort of irresponsible except for the fact that it hardly applies to the waters I fish this time of year. The rivers that close are the higher elevation creeks and feeders which frankly have been painfully dry for a couple months now.

What's really closed is the 'open' trout season both by regulation changes and by interest. Many of the stretches of the lower stretches and tailwaters have moved to single, no bait, no barbs, and pretty much no kill. So yeah, pretty much fly fishing as normal, but without all the fish killers. Nice eh? Even so their interest dropped off pretty quick after September anyway.

So now the game is running into extra time with the weather holding fair. What's amazing is what the change in pressure does to an already pretty respected river. Respected for good fish, but also for being hard won. Well, I poke may way through the thick riparian growth of willows and such to see about 5 fish just hanging in full view being fishy and such in very clear water on a calm day.

I knew I had to get in and throw a big 'cater and nymph chain in there, drop some bombs and wreck the place! Actually, I was kind of scared out of my mind. Went with the subtle dry and long dropper to a single dull bh nymph, turned invisible and loved every minute of it.

Gotta take it when you can.

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