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Ronan's report

Tuesday 8th June, 2010

Bit of confusion this week as we juggle Harps and Davy's pages around; Harps may be back again on Sunday, or before. Sexyloops: you only know when you find out.

Anyway, over on the Board we have a couple of FP contending posts: Roy talks about "That wee Irish Burn" and Stoats has a letter to Aunt Marjorie in "Great Western Lakes".

In the Technical Analysis section, Gordy has posted some falling loops of bead chain video and overlays to show the different morphing. "Why?" you may be asking - it's because we'd like to understand why and how loops morph, what causes the small wave that appears just behind the front face of the loop at the top leg and so on. "Why?" you may be asking again - that's a trickier question, I think that's what it is to be alive; always trying to work things out and being surprised (and secretly delighted) when they don't happen as expected!

OK I have a bunch of emails to answer and a hole to dig, and it's getting deep. Now the only question is will it be a dungeon or a swimming pool? Or both?

Cheers, Paul

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