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Ronan's report

Wednesday 30 January, 2013

I don't know how many hours during the past 20 years I have spent on trying to understand what happens in fly casting. During the past ten years I have spent most of my nights - yes, even those after fishing the whole day - analyzing, reanalyzing, rereanalyzing and rerereanalyzing all aspects of fly casting. And even though I have probably learnt a whole lot about it, am not even close to fully understand it yet.

And you know what? I really hope I will never fully understand it anyway! It is so much fun trying to understand it and finding small new pieces of the whole (huge) puzzle all of the time. There is no doubt my life is totally about fly fishing and fly casting being a center of it. Sometimes I feel like being a freak. And sometimes it's just all others being freaks not understanding my passion about fly fishing and fly casting in particular.

Good to know that there are many other geeks (I don't want to call them being freaks either, even though they are) out there trying to understand what happens in fly casting. People like Aitor in Bilbao, Paul in Malaysia, Lasse in Denmark, Peter in Australia, Bruce and Jason in the US, Marc in France and a lot more. No doubt I learnt a hell lot of everone of you as well as by many other geeks. Not to forget the technical forum on Sexyloops with Grunde, Torsten, Merlin and Gordy - just to name a few.

From all geeks I have met it was especially Paul and Aitor who had a significant effect on my understanding of fly casting. Paul and me are spending a lot of time for fishing compared to Aitor. But I bet Aitor is spending exactly 24hours thinking about fly casting. And that makes him being the same kind of freak as Paul and me. No doubt meeting Aitor a few years ago and having him stick up my nose right into video analyzing was a fair chance to learn more about fly casting. And boy did I learn! Special thanks to you Aitor - always keep your (mad) Spanish experiments coming!

Definetly I have to name Frank here, too. I don't think there is any point in having a discussion with him about any aspect of fly casting if one wants him to agree ever. He (I think) won't stop arguing unless you agree on his opinion. But for sure there are a few fields of fly casting that I think I know a lot about after having them (almost endless) discussed with Frank (and him always having a fine last word on it). Just like Creep. :)

While Paul is enjoying his mission kayaking mile after mile of undiscovered water to catch a HUGE Toman (Great Snakehead) in the NO WOMAN – MAD TIGER - NEVER FORGETTING ELEPHANT - Jungle of Malaysia, I have spent the last few weeks analyzing over a hundred videos I made during the World Championships in fly casting last summer in Norway. Some of the videos I watched more than 20 times frame by frame! In the end I found a few (new) interesting pieces about the Distance Phenomenon. A distance casting problem Paul and me as well as others where trying to find a solution to for quite a while. I will add a quick overview about this no longer phenomenon in the picture of the day section. Will add further thoughts in the technical (new) forum during the next days. So no huge fish pic of the day today since Paul did not fullfill his mission yet! ;)

2am and am still sitting at my computer writing about fly casting and thinking about some crazy stuff. Well, what can I tell you!? :)

Finally I wish all of you out there the same passion no matter if it is about fly tying, catching fish or throwing a fluff thru the air. For me it's the level of passion that makes fly fishing being completely life changing to me.

All my best


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