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Ronan's report

Friday 23rd May, 2014

A change in the weather has surely brought joy and relief to many here. From hot and humid now we are getting hot and rainy days. The temperature goes down 10 degrees when it rains. The two months old water crisis is over as the dams start to fill up. Due to the nature of the weather system in the tropics, it tends to rain exactly to the dot. For now it rains at four o'clock in the afternoon and it has been like that for the last week or so. The Indian Ocean starts looking like an angry elephant on a musk, raging and roaring, as the monsoon knocks on the door. Them boys looking for the missing plane in the southern Indian Ocean will have a harder time at the office I am sure. It is hard enough as it is now.

Fishing takes the back seat for many when it rains here. Jungle rivers becomes unfishable and the jungle itself is hostile to track in even with the best 4-wheels. Holding the carbon rods is another issue when the heavens open. So, some would divert their attention to just casting in the field or keep tying lots of flies for future trips. During the monsoon I hear the disadvantaged commercial fishermen (those with small boats) would find another job on land rather than risking their lives in the raging seas. They become carpenters, mechanics, farmhands or whatever, just to tie them over or to feed their families. Perhaps it's the same in Europe or the Americas.

Those in the northern hemisphere are rejoicing the emergence of summer after a long cold winter. Fly fishing shows will dot the calendar for the next few months. In Asia, China just had arguably its first fly fishing show last week and being the little sister, Taiwan, probably follows suit soon. The guys in the tropics, Indonesia and Malaysia are too planning their shows. The Singaporeans just could not care less because they already knew everything about fly fishing. I have been told that some of them quietly think they actually invented fly fishing which I don't believe a wee bit of it though. They just keep quiet not just on fishing but on just about anything until someone mentions chili crabs were actually a Malaysian invention - they would flip! And boy, they maybe snotty about food too. A few days ago, one complained on a Malaysian fried rice for being cooked with too much chilies in it! What did he do to do the fried rice seller? He lodged a police report!! Lordy! Lordy!

Lovely Jubbly
Irhamy the Guv'nor , Kuala Lumpur

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