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Ronan's report

Wednesday July 27th

The family summer holiday is almost over - we arrived home from Sweden on Monday and have spent the rest of the week at home, doing some of all the things that needs to be done, and never get done anyway :-).

This summer, we bought a Camp-let - a lovely, Danish made "tent-trailer", a contraption that opens from something that looks like an ordinary trailer into a two-apartment-and-a-living-room-tent. It's very easy to pull with the car, you hardly notice it's there, fuel economy is good, it's easy enough to open and close and generally and very nice thing. I will certainly be using it for a flyfishing trip at some point.

Anyway, the subject for this FP is not our family holiday, nor the Camp-let, but travel in general. When I travel, there are a few things (well, three in fact) that I ALWAYS bring, and I cannot count the little predicaments these three things have solved for me over the years, be it one a three week flyfishing odyssey to Montana and a one week Camp-let trip to Sweden with the family.

The Holy Trinity is:
1. A Leatherman tool.
2. A small selection of cable ties (used a couple in Sweden, and also gave Paul a couple a few months ago in Ukraine to fix his backpack!).
3. Duct tape.

I used the Leatherman several time to fix small issues on our Camp-let as it was bought 2nd hand - everything from the water pump to a broken bolt. Cable ties will, as you undoubtedly know, fix almost anything. Duct tape - well, the time I've been most impressed with it was in Norway some years ago, where I tore a small hole in my waders on the first day if fishing. I dried out the waders, cleaned up the area as well as I could, and applied duct tape on both sides of the tear. It actually worked for 2 days of hard fishing before I had to put on new tape!. So, I don't go anywhere without this Holy Trinity of Travel.

Do you have anything you wouldn't be without when traveling? Not counting of course stuff like clean underwear, clean socks (this obviously needs a little editing, Paul), money, passport etc?

Oh and in fact, I keep all the things in my car at all times as well :-).


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