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Ronan's report

Wednesday June 21st, 2006
Versión en español

Some instructors give one-hour courses. They are frequently expensive, highly skilled instructors that generally know very well what they do.
Do you think that one of those classes can be really worth it? I'm absolutely convinced of it. The key lies in being not just a good instructor. You have to be a great instructor. And know how to do it.

A great instructor knows how to synthesize all their knowledge and apply it perfectly in the exact dose to each unique specific learner.
A great instructor is capable of transmitting more in sixty minutes than a mediocre one in several days. Thanks to his knowledge, experience and great skill to empathize with the student. In only five minutes a good instructor is capable of assessing the learner's level with great accuracy. What he knows, what he doesn't know, what he should know and what he is not ready to learn yet . This is key to adapting the language, the instructions and the difficulty of the exercises.
A great instructor is capable of identifying in one minute the weak points in the technique of a fly-caster.
One of the main objectives for an instructor in an-hour class is to produce as many times as possible a particular aha effect in the student: I see. I understand now.

A great instructor can explain the importance of practice and provide the student with the appropriate resources for their future training. How far the student will get as a fly caster depends, to a great extent, on the success of it.

A one-hour class with a great instructor is a unique experience in the life of a fly-caster. A before and an after. A real turning point. Logically, an hour with one of these instructors must be tremendously expensive. Very cheap in the long run.

Happy week.

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