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Ronan's report

Friday 30 March, 2007

Every end is somehow beginning as well.
In my language we also use that “fertig “ word (German or Hungary origin word , I'm not so sure) with the same meaning as Paul mentioned in his Fertig FP.
(we pronounce it like a fertik, not like a fertig,but not a big deal, both are good)

Fertig and Time

As the years passing by more and more, every end starts to be more end than beginning.
For the children there is no end, only a lot of exciting beginnings with every next step.
For the old people there is not too much of beginnings, the end is much more clear.
But even that last, definite end is somehow exciting beginning as well.

River and Fertig

One can't step in the same River twice.
A River is never the same in the same position. Ocean and Sea as well.
Every step in the River is the last and new step in the same time. That's why we are blessed with Rivers. They are trying to tell us something….
They are running , the fish are living there. That's why Rivers must stay clean and clear and cold and fresh. And there is no other choice ,they must run through the end and again from the beginning. A River runs through it. Through fertig.
It is terrible, but I know for one River that only runs through my memories. Stupid people destroyed the River of my children time to the very end.
Funny, this is somehow one brand new fertig .That River is still alive and clear, in my mind and soul…

Fly Casting and Fertig

The Stop is fertik, fertik is Stop. Stop is not only Stop, this is Cast Beginning and opposite.
Not anymore ,but Yes more and more. End of pulling the line, beginning of the loop. End of the loop, beginning of pulling the line. Flycasting is perfect fertig and vice versa.
That's why some Guy from Venezuela completely understands some Guy from UK, Spain, Scandinavia, Hungary , USA, Australia, South Africa or Belgrade (the last one has intention to move to Seychelles forever )

Fly Fishing and Fertig

Yeah, the biggest fertik I saw in my life …We are fly fishing because Fertig makes us addicted to adrenalin and ephedrine with every fish strike. Then we die and we are born again in couple of loong seconds. Fertik seconds. Fly Fishing seconds.(one F or FF second = five days of normal life).

Sexyloops Board and Fertik

Oops, sorry,I never ever saw such a bloody fertig,it is even bigger fertig than FF by its self….One might think it's finished, dead ,bored ,no more, everything is already said. Suddenly, in just couple of minutes -explosion, eruption of most brilliant crazy brains one can find in Today's FF World. And The Sexyloops Board is alive and kicking, again and again..... …..

For Paul ,this NZ season is fertig ,but Springtime and Summer somewhere on the North is waiting for him.
For us ,people living in sunny South Africa, Springtime and Summer last forever, that's why we are hardly looking for cold, snowy Winter ,ready to spending a fortune, say for fishing Pike in cold Scandinavia…
So, one can stay in one place for entire life or runs the Continents in a trying to catch the fertig ,but fertik can be never caught ! It's like a shadow.....

Fertik !

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