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Ronan's report

Monday March 10th, 2008

Roy Neary: I know this sounds crazy, but ever since yesterday on the road, I've been seeing this shape.

That was me today as I traveled into the desert on a stark two-lane highway past strange rocks with the right half of my face sunburnt. I'd been on the west shore casting east toward the Pyramid all day Saturday. The red on my face wasn't the only blushed color I was carrying with me. Burnt into my mind was an encounter with the big fish, Big Red.

With last week's day of good numbers and a fly that's been damn successful for me this season, I'd planned on playing a little bit with fly deconstruction. Somewhat akin to Vincent Marinaro's Game of Nods, I'd tied a few different variations of the fly, leaving out one or two materials (tail/no tail, black/locofoam, dubbed fibers). Some might ask why I'd mess with a successful fly, in the most scenario's I'd be even with the original pattern at best, but I'm really curious what it is that's differentiating this fly from the rest of the box, sort of the "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" attitude, but Bob and others often speak of triggers in their tying, the part of the pattern that's bringing the strike. I think all loopers are those kids that have never grown out of asking why.

The game itself didn't go so well. I wasn't able to prove the base case. Having an off morning of casting tails and tangles, knots that didn't seat, and other disfunctional fishing woes, only a couple fish had given me attention and then fishing slowed. Not a great day for screwing around.

Somewhere along the line, my stripping came tight, and the line cut the water. Having dropped a good fish earlier by being a push over and letting it walk me. Putting some stick on it with a couple changeups, it held deep but slowly gave way finally turning in toward shore. One slap of its tail was all that I had seen until I grasped it in the shore break. Been high for a day now. Strangely, subsequent fish have had a new light of their own, a glimpse of the big fish inside if we just let them grow.

Cheers, Eric

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