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Ronan's report

Saturday December 15th 2012

As mentioned last week, it's winter time (big time) in Denmark. Well, actually thaw has just set in, so right now everything is just sludge.

The forecast predicts above 0 degrees C temperatures for at the next week, and I was actually beginning to look forward to a trip to the salt or two. And along comes a shoulder injury - left shoulder completely useless, I'm can't really use it for anything and the muscles cramp up constantly. No fishing, then!

So I sat down and began going through my salmon/seatrout tackle. I went over the reels when the season ended a month ago, and I figured it was time for a little TLC for the lines.

Then I discover this: For my 9'6" 6-wt, I have 7 different shooting heads and 5 WF-lines. What the H...? I do have an affection for lines and they have all been in use at least once over the season. But the fact is that say 80% of my fishing for salmon/seatrout (with the single hander) is covered with 4 lines, not 12 for crying out loud! And let's face it, I don't have spools for each WF-line, so when I use one of them, it's often a matter of choice rather than "need". So why bother with them? Well, let's see if I get rid of them or keep them - the jury's still out!

Over the years I have grown particularly fond of interchangeable sink tip lines. I've used sink tip line for ages, I was taught sea trout fishing with sink tip lines, and I still love fishing them. The interchangeable versions offer so many tactical possibilities that are obvious, and now RIO has even released a new version of their wonderful VersiTip, the VersiTip II with a shorter, overall head length, which is great for a small stream flyfisher like myself. I only managed one short trip with one last year - it's great and I'll do a more elaborate review when the season opens again.

Anyway, back to the spaghetti. I think I'll pack up the non-interchangeable sink tip lines. They cast well, but I really don't need them anymore. I'll pack up the intermediates as well - my sink tips in a say float/sink II configuration covers the same depth. I'll probably try dispensing with the type 3/4 sinker as well, the sink tip in a float/sink V configuration should cover more or less the same depth. That means I'll probably try carrying a floating WF-line, a floating shooting head (yes, yes, I know), the interchangeable sink tip line and a type 5/6 sinking shooting head.

Christ, the problems we have :-). So let's say you were going to travel somewhere and fish salmon, seatrout, steelhead or whatever - which lines would you bring with you?

Have a great weekend!


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