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Ronan's report

Saturday, 4th April 2009

Phew, the last week had two river-openings in store for me!

First, I attended and fished the opening of River Mörrum in Southern Sweden. I had been invited to fish the opening in my capacity of writer here and for a Danish magazine, and so I had a two hour slot on the press-fishing on Friday 27th. I had been assigned a stretch called Knaggalid, which is quite far up river. I did hold fish - not that I caught any up there, but the river is extremely diffucult to wade, and I had trouble finding a clear spot to fish. None the less, I enjoyed my two hours before I attended the press-conference, in which Percy Assarson, head of Kronolaxfisket (Crown's Fishing), gave a short account of the previous season, his expectations for the coming season and what the future holds for River Mörrum.

A lot of work is being done to improve conditions for the salmon and seatrout even further - buying fishing rights in the sea, improving spawning grounds, own hatchery etc., so the future does look very good for River Mörrum. It's an experience to visit the small town of Mörrum - a town, which completely lives with and for the river. Never before have a been in a town, where no-one turns a head after a car with 3 15' rods on the roof, or three anglers in tights and fleeces - in Mörrum it's just normal :-). Pool 1 is in the town centre, and the 3 next pools are in the town park - so young couples take love-walks among smelly fishermen in waders :-).

Mörrum is also a good example of a community, which relies on an income generated by anglers - lodging, tackle, food, petrol etc. - all things generating an income for the community.

The fishing was quite good - mostly kelts being caught with a few seatrout in very fine condition - I myself even managed a 6 pound seatrout in pool 9 in a brawling current - I think I'd be scared if I hooked a 20 pound salmon in May in that current - because landing such a fish in that current would include a good swim :-).

All in all, Mörrum was a very nice experience and I even hooked up with a few old friends by coincidence.

Back home, the major Danish salmonrivers opened in April 1st, and to cut along story short, I actually hooked and landed my first, Danish salmon on the morning of April 1st - see today's PoD! It was some experience and I'll never catch a good fish on April 1st again, as all my mates asked if I was playing April's Fool on them :-).

So, I think two succesful openings in two countries constitues a season well begun!


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