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Ronan's report

Friday April 11th, 2008

Just thinking, we know each other on this Site for many years now (virtually and for real ) but I am not sure where do you all Guys/Girls fish. So, tell me where/what do you fish, and I will tell you how do you look like! There is first part of my humble Fly Fishing World, so take your guess….

Nearby FF farms, around Joburg :
Distance - from 10-30 km
Time to get there - max 30 min
Costs/Transport - from 20 to 1.000 R/person/day /no need for 4x4
The Fish -Rainbows, Bass, Yellows, Carps, Cat Fish
Tackle/Casting- +- #5-6 weight (#9 for Cats), no need for fancy casting, the fish is close, except for Yellows and Carps, they like long casts, because they don't like to be disturbed in feeding.
Pleasure: in a scale from 0 to 10, it can be 10, because one need only 30 minutes to start fishing, and go back home in a next hour if he want so. It can be 0, if dozen of mad guys are trying to kill you with their heavy flies zing-zing around your head.
Bonus: One can make them crazy and jealous, if cast like an average Sexyloopers.
Then, they're usually doing two things:
a) they don't pay attention (jealous ones)
b) they stop casting asking the question, sometimes they give a standing ovation (they are jealous as well).

Vaal River
Distance -100-150 km
Time to get there - max 2 hrs
Costs/Transport - from 100 to 200 R/person/day / 4x4 prefered
The Fish - Smallmouth and Bigmouth Yellows, the biggest in the country, Carp, Rock Monitors (Iguana like )
Tackle/Casting - +- #5-6 weight , and #9 for Bigmouth Yellows
Extremely demanded and heavy nymphing, and very attractive dry fishing during Summer for Smallish.
Pleasure: in a scale from 0 to 10, it can be 10, because one need only 1 or so hr fish beautiful River, fulfilled with nice fish.
Not too much people on the water, especially during Winter.
Currently we are developing new Winter techniques .
It can be less than 5, say, because of one of the heaviest wading on the Planet .
Bonus: in only 1 or so hour, one can enjoy Vaal River wilderness and have a feeling there aren't too much people on the Earth. …
Lots of healthy and big fish, again…

Sterkfontain Dam
Distance - 250 km
Time to get there - max 3 hrs
Costs/Transport - from 100 to 1000 R/person/day, one need a boat, I mean serious boat, plus experienced skipper . Sterkfontain waves, lightings and wind can kill you in a second. If you don't like Sterky's weather, just wait for about 5 minutes (hi,hi,hi…)
The Fish - Smallmouth and Bigmouth Yellows, the most beautiful in the country, Carp, Cat Fish.
Tackle/Casting - +- #5-6 weight , and #9 for Bigmouth Yellows/Cat Fish . Extremely demanded Dry Fly fishing.
It is not so much about the flies it is about to be as faraway from fish as you can and stealthy casting. Yellow's are not only smart they are selective too, so the flies are important as well. The water is clear as from another World.
Pleasure: in a scale from 0 to 10, it can't be ever below 10, it is one of the nicest water, landscape and fishing spots on the Earth.
Bonus: Lots of time it was only my FF companion and myself on the water within 120 km of the shore line. Lots of spots where nobody throws the fly/lure before…..
What else one could wish to?

To be continued next week with Upper Pongola, Drakensberg, Dulstrom /Lydenberg area.


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