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Ronan's report

Saturday December 22nd 2012

To celebrate his own and my birthdays, Paul and I have decided to travel to a mysterious place.

Paul's age old search for the mythical (yet real) Mugwai never really found its conclusion, and Paul decided to call upon my services as a professional archaeologist and historical researcher. Rumors were floating around that at some point in history, some strange man had actually caught a mugwai.

A long search ended deep within the Vatican archives, and concealed amongst the archives of the Carmelite order I found a papal bull from Pope Sixtus IV, dated 1476AD. In that bull, the pope ordered a monk of the order to travel the World, searching for a mysterious being, which the Carmelites thought might have been a fish, with divine powers.

The monk, a prior named Anders Christensen, actually came from a carmelite monastery in Denmark, attended a general carmelite order chapter in Rome in 1492 AD, and reported on his travels and findings.

Disguised as a certification-expedition to the Ukraine, Paul and I set out to find the report that the monk made. It seemed that the monk had ended his travels and search in Ukraine, in the area of Mukachevo city.

We didn't succeed in finding the report, but it was quite clear that the monk had been there, and actually still held a very firm position in local folklore (check today's PoD).

We found indications that the mysterious mugwai once was more common across the Globe than it is today, and not least that Malaysian Snake Head may (or may not) be descendants of the great mugwais, maybe they are in fact mugwais. So for twenty years Paul has been telling the World that he hates snow (the last two-three winters in Hungary came close to blowing his cover) just so no one will wonder why he now (again) travels to a place deep in the Malaysian jungle to catch a fish. In fact, pope Benedictus the 16th has issued a papal bull to Paul once he learned the search was on again. Paul is now operating under a papal seal.

This may be the reason why 666 and 666 are still not here - more on that later :-).

Have a great weekend!


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