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Ronan's report

Wednesday December 27th, 2006
Versión en español

Every instructor should have in their basket of teaching resources a good collection of analogies. Analogies are very useful descriptive tools that in a very simple, visual and in many cases amusing way, try to explain a fly-casting concept or mechanic element.

Analogies are particularly interesting for students whose learning channel is mainly based on their visual system. These learners need to see it live or visualize it in their brain to understand what the devil we're talking about.

I'm gathering a good collection of them. I would be very grateful and happy if you could send me one or two. One day I'll put all of them together in a new section on this site. Don' forget to tell me what they mean and try to explain. I've got a good imagination but there are some complicated ones.

You try to guess what the following popular analogies are used for. They have all been all compiled from courses and exhibitions given by different instructors. I like some of them. Others I don't.

  • The apple
  • The whip
  • The paint brush
  • The hammer and the nail
  • Threading a needle
  • The spring
  • Throwing a dart
  • Pins in the leg
  • The butcher's hatchet
  • The telephone
  • The screwdriver
  • The arrow
  • The clock
  • The javelin

By the way, something great is about to happen in the Spanish fly fishing world on the Internet. Keep an eye on this site.

See you next week and Happy New Year.


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