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Ronan's report

Thursday11th December, 2014

Apparently that's the Thursday FP team right there. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. And this is going to be quite a jump now, but I think flies can have these qualities too, which neatly brings me on to Saltwater fly fishing...

For those new to the world of Imaginary SW fly fishing, you might at first find the range of flies quite bewildering, but in the tropics I've pretty much narrowed it down to two. A Clouser and a Crab. If a fish won't eat either of these then chances are you're not going to catch it. It might be a vegetarian weed eating fish, or dead. So with the Clouser in various sizes from 2/0 to 1, and Crabs in 1/0, you're all set.

You might want to carry some poppers as well - because they're fun to fish and it's nice to watch fish jump on your fly. But it's not an essential item in your box and all these fish will eat Clousers anyway and you'll hook more.

Now given this knowledge, you might be thinking, "Well that's the end of fly tying right there!" - and you'd be wrong. Because flytying is about tweaking, perfecting and and a constant battle to contain fly tying materials within a confined space. Left unchecked a small plastic box of loose fly tying materials can quickly take over an entire bench, rapidly followed by the room and subsequently the entire house - and even garden. I have had neighbours, three doors down, complain about finding deer hair in their upstairs bathroom.

Anyway, I digress. What one needs to remember is that the Clouser was invented by Bob Clouser in the days of goats. Really sexy synthetic fur hadn't been invented then. But it certainly has now, and translucency wins hands down. When it comes to crabs, however, I'm feeling pretty sedated, because I don't think we've invented the sexy crab yet.

Right I have to go fishing... Tonight is Snakehead Night.


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