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Monday: Paul Arden
Tuesday: Harps
Wednesday: Bernd Ziesche
Thursday: Mr T.
Friday: Ray
Saturday: Viking Lars
Sunday: Bruce Richards

Ronan's report

Monday 10th January, 2011

The Scottish-Australian Meet it taking shape. If you're planning on being in Scotland then please sort out your deposit this week, you can email Scottish Organisator Ben for details at (Organisator is Hunglish by the way, and I've always assumed is a combination of Organiser and Dominator). The rooms in the lodge are filling fast so please be quick so as not to be disappointed. And don't forget your leather strap-ons.

As has been announced we'll be holding a similar event in Melbourne, Australia, for Board members, friends, serious casters and instructors there. I'll actually be in Melbourne for this side of things and we'll have the first International Shootout, everyone casting the same gear. It will be fantastic.

Both events happen simultaneously on 13-15 May.

Over on the Board there's been a fair number of interesting discussions; it's great to have Frank back. I've always enjoyed arguing with Frank, I still haven't figured out why of course, but I must enjoy it!

Last two weeks for me here in England - been a long stint this time. It's been bloody good however, and tonight I met the first girl I kissed (at about 9 years old!). Haven't seen her in thirty years. Took her fishing once as well. She said she remembered the fishing but not the kiss. Fantastic.

Have a great day!

Cheers, Paul

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