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Century and One Night Before Drakensberg Fishing


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Ronan's report

Friday May 18th, 2007

No strictly FP theme this week, so I don't know what to write. My old professor of Mother language (tongue) in High School, told us a long time a go-if you don't know what to write then simply put some text title, and start to work on that. So,my text title for this week is:

"Century and one night before Drakensberg fishing, in a trying to be focused on FFF examine in a case if Miss Sexyloops manage to be there with Paul, who is one of the FFF Mentors"

OK,once we got FP theme lets go….

I am busy preparing my self (packaging chaos) for my short Winter FF trip to Drakensberg Mountains. It will be on Giant's Cup Dam (lake) and River Umzimkulu, the World Heritage Site and one of the best Stillwater & River fishing in South Africa. Also it is almost the best part of the year for wild Brownie & Rainbow fishing. Yes, they are wild, not stocked. Actually, Trout is stocked but before more than hundreds years ago. It my be exciting journey to investigate about those pioneers and enthusiast, transporting wild Scottish Trout from Scotland to Africa in the middle of 19th century….

Anyway, Trout and Rainbows did survived and keep going very well and healthy up to date, using River Umzikulu like an ideal site for spending Honey Moon, making those funny movements ….. One more thing is interesting regarding Tomorrows trip : I'll bring there my Helium rod, a casting machine and generator of Helium Loops. The rod was hand made and supplied from the same country as wild Rainbows and Trouts, a long time a go. Ok, the rod was delivered before ten days for the sake of clarity, but nobody's perfect, it was hand made in Scotland as well. It is all to be happen, Helium will has its first fight with fish in Drakensberg, one of the most amazing mountain I ever saw in my life. Will keep you updated ….

A lots of interesting discussion on The Board:

Why EFFA is not anymore EFFF and part of the FFF, why FFF is more relaxed, teachable and cool than EFFA, is the EFFA closed and weird private club or association of Fly Fisherman, etc etc.. A lots of advices how to failed EFFA examine even you are well prepared in casting. Are they always in the mood for splitting a hair or not, and if not, then why not, this is the question?

*Anyway, if you think something is wrong with Austrian/German/Dutch FF people, you can try with Ausi people. Finally, Southern Hemisphere will have opportunity to get FFF Certifications NZ Australia this September. I hope Paul will not try to split a hair during exam, as far as we all know his head is sawed a long time a go…

*But, if Miss Sexyloops manage to be there, I don't think anyone will be focused on examine, loops or how to straightening a leader on backhand casting…..


Don't miss amazing WA expedition…

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