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Ronan's report

Saturday May 19th, 2007

5/14/07 12:07-1:00, Marina, south shore, 78deg, Sunny, Light Breeze SE, first lunch trip in 2 weeks. High Clarity, Minor #18 midge hatch , 2 dragonflies, 1 brown damsel spotted: 1 res RB on shelf (spooked), 3 carp (not interested), planters (4), 1 fast flash and chase as I lifted into roll cast Wee Bugger (size 12 beadhead streamer, olive underfeather, black marabou tail)

5/15 Lunch, Marina, almost hot, some wind, a few bugs (mating damsels), little cloudy and choppy, poor spotting, shot at a couple carp, weed beds starting to grow in, a bass? spooked near one on south end, tippet a little too long

Wed 15th, The sun was warming with a wind that put a ruffle on the water and through my hair. Chatted with a fellow who was walking his dog. Worked on my backhand cast a bit and picked up a stockie while we talked. Didn't make it to the south end to check the lie. Good conversion over tackle, offered him a few casts but he politely declined. Explained the non-slip loop knot when he checked out my fly.

Thurs, Construction traffic, suck! hot footed it to the south end,didn't spot a good sized RB cruising until it was on me, already leary. Tried to get back ahead of it, he sped, I missed the angle and it turned outward ears back and cooking. Beds almost blooming overnight with towers reaching up. In the shadow of the largest, a near still bass, dark and long. Slender looking. Didn't even twitch at the first cast, I swear just the eyes turned to the fly, glided over to another shadow then back. Cast a little long but inline. Let it sink, leader must have brushed her, a tail kick and gone. Instantaneous, sleek and powerful. Beautiful.

Friday, The air was warm soft and still almost tense. The water glassy and white reflecting the sweeping clouds. Arrg! I can see anything. A couple long blind casts to work on tracking. Could be better. Then the white curtain slipped away, a thin sheet of vision into their world. A pair of mating damsels passed by and thin pale mayfly lifts off. She's there. Darts up and dives back. I miss. Next pass a white mouth, turn, and on. I think I'm in love.

Cheers, Eric

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