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Ronan's report

Monday, February 9th, 2015

It's taken a very long time indeed, but the new Sexyloops template is almost ready to launch - just a few issues to fix and then ready to roll. It's an improvement because it has a professional design, has a content management system, and takes over the Front Page, Pic of Day and Shopping sections. Perhaps the greatest feature is that it is mobile, tablet and PC friendly. The next big move will be to build a management system for existing backend Sexyloops content. This will take another five years.

So I'm back in the jungle this week, and my last few days at the bar here, handing over to someone else so I can fish all the time. The lake here at Belum-Temenggor is still very high and deep into parts of the jungle. This makes fishing extremely challenging, since you can't get at the fish in my normal places, because they're not there. Normally there is a band of dry bank between the jungle fauna and the lake edge, which makes any identifiable structure the place to target for jungle perch. However when it's super high like this (this is the highest the lake has been - ever!) it's difficult to isolate hot spots. And worst still, I am simply not seeing rising snakehead and just as bad not spotting gourami.

Anyway that was last month, during heavy wet which saw most of North East Malaysia both flooded and in parts cut-off. It's starting to look much better and hasn't rained any serious amount - in fact hardly at all - in three weeks. So the lake level is dropping and has dropped 2.5m... it's all about to happen!!!!!

This year I hope to make headways into Jungle Perch, locations and catching consistency, Gourami - hell this a fish that needs my attention! I have no idea what's possible. And of course - Snakehead. Getting consistency here is I believe possible, but I have to both up my game, as well as get camping in the Belum reserve. If I don't make a big inroad this year then I'll do something different next year. I still believe in it, but flogging a dead horse is not for me in a life that's too short to begin with. After all this is my fifth year here and my third attempt at three months. This is make or break time and so it's time to get serious about the fishing.

Sorry for the late FP!


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