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Ronan's report

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

I'm filling in for Harps today. An idea that came up a couple of days ago was to research some of the river fishing to be had here, which will mean hiking through the jungle, for several days, camping out in the oldest rainforest in the world (just has to be done!) and exploratory fly fishing. I believe there are Mahseer to be had - I'm not sure which species, but the bar I'm working at is called Tor Tambra, which is Soro Mahseer. If there is good Mahseer to be had it's going to be remote and I may have to keep to a small secret. Certainly while the lake is high this could be a good option, and it hasn't rained in a month, so the bush density is less than, well a month ago.

I am actually set up for this, accidentally. I have my tent here, hiking boots and rucksack. I don't need a hell of a lot else, maybe some water purification tablets (just in case), a small pan and some food. My mate here, Desmond - or B. Daz to his friends - is or was recreation manager. And so obviously I have to teach him to fish! Time to explore google earth I think and have a good look at possible options.

Today's POD is from last month and shows just how amazing this place is! Recently I've been working little on the Contents Page. It's not finished yet, but certainly worth checking out if you haven't been following Sexyloops for the last 15 years!

Have a great day :)


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