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Snapcast - December 2009
Speed in Flycasting
Carpas à Pluma
PEAK Rotary Vise
World Fly Finder

Snapcast - May 2009
Barr Flies
CF Burkheimer - Presentation 489-4
Explaining the Double Haul
Essential Skills with Oliver Edwards - Part 3
Fool's Paradise
Inside Fly Tying

Snapcast - December 2008
Sage Launch 690-4
Fishing the Backcountry NZ
River Etiquette for Southern Streams
New Zealand Trophy Waters DVDs
The Arden Damsel
Fly Tying for Beginners and The Fly-Tying Bible
Essential Skills w/ Oliver Edwards, part 2

Snapcast - April 2008
Fly Reel Drags
Springforelle Amadou
Better Photos
Mastering the Art

Snapcast - January 2008
The Sexyloops Wall Calendar 2008 - The Year of the Big Fish
Mel Krieger's Patagonia
Orvis Zero Gravity
The Goddard Poly Sedge - by Viking Lars!
A Foam Odyssey
Sheepgirl Rings
And finally...

Snapcast - December 2007
The Sexyloops Wall Calendar 2008 - The Year of the Big Fish
Sexyloops Caps
Fish Food
RIO Aqualux
Big Butts
Galvin Torque Reel
Sexyloops Flyfisherman of the Year!

Snapcast - November 2007
The Rod & The Cast by Grunde Løvoll and Jason Borger
Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques by Jim Schollmeyer reviewed by Jo Meder
Sexyloops Clothing by Ron
The Fat Boy by Morsie
Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Intermediate tested by Bob Wyatt
Spey to Z - Understanding Traditional, Scandinavian and Skagit Style Speycasting with a single and double handed flyrod. Reviewed by Viking Lars
Bugs of the Underworld by Ralph and Lisa Cutter. Reviewed by Eric the Rock
Matt's Corner
Fish of the Month
The Snapcast by Paul Arden

Snapcast - January 2007
The Snake Roll By Simon Gawesworth
Making the Line - The Story of Rio
Review - Listen to the River, vol 2 - Lars
"Summer Morsels: THE SEX PISTOL" - Christian Strixner
Review - Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Flyline - Lars
Sage TCR Giveaway - Winner Announced!
G-Spot December
Matt's Corner: How to tie a string leech
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Snapcast - December 2006
Quest for the Perfect Loop - Bruce Richards
Why I hate Fishporn - Rich Knoles
Review - Dry Tech MRT FlyBox - By Paul (yes really)
The Inverse V-Curve - Jason Borger
Mirage Rockhopper All Terrain Boots - Bob Wyatt
Sage TCR Giveaway
G-Spot December
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Snapcast - October 2006
Fugly Foam Floating Flies. By Tony Bishop
Franco Vivarelli Semi Automatic Fly Reel – Eric (USA)
Scientific Anglers Mastery HeadStart Flyline – By Lars Chr. Bentsen (Denmark)
Scientific Anglers Ultra 4 Freshwater WF5 – Bob Wyatt (Scotland)
SPEY TO Z - Carl (New Zealand)
Cookshill Flytying Partridge-skin – By Lars Chr. Bentsen (Denmark)
Arbor to Fly: by Peter Morse – Reviewed by Bob Wyatt
Under Amour – High Performance Clothing
...And speaking of Foam - Stu's Bionic Bugs!
The Sexy Earth Satellite has been launched! - Eric
Sage 2550 Reel Competition – PRIZE DRAW!
Upcoming Competitions!
G-Spot October (Win a SA line!)
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Snapcast - September 2006
Material Preperation - Viking Lars.
Xcap - Extractable eyewear technology
William Joseph - '07 lineup and Dry-Namic waders
Dry Guy - Gear to dry your stuff
Vosseler Pro-Flyfishing
Carbon Flybox
Spudz - Micro-Fiber cleaning cloths
Korkers - new gear for '07
Hobie Fishing Kayaks
Sage 2550 Reel Competition
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Snapcast - June 2006
Big Muddy Ugly - Written by Jim Laing.
Winter in The Other New Zealand Fly Fishing Destination - Tony Bishop
Smooth Connections Revisited - Lasse Karlsson
Smooth Connections 3 - Lasse again (yes, it's all about him this month)
How We Get Hurt Casting - and how we can avoid becoming too sore - by Dr. Gary Eaton
Review - The New Snowbee Waldron Fly Tying vise. Bob Wyatt
Cane splitters! by Christian Strixner
Vosseler Vice Competition Winner!
Sexy Earth G-Spot
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Snapcast - May 2006
A Step by Step guide to Sexyloops -By Bill Gammel
SAGE FLi fly rod - And the winner is...
Gear Review - Slick Stream Fly-line, Magnus.
RICE Therapy- Help! My arm's fallen off! by Dr. Gary Eaton
Dear Doris
De Vice! - The Vosseler fly tying vice.
Sexyloops G-Spot
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Snapcast - April 2006
Throwing Far, by Paul Arden
And the winners are...
Sexyloops Profile - Sakari Siipilehto aka 'sms' Helsinki, Finland
Book Review - Saltwater Fly Fishing Fundimentals, by Peter Morse
"Urinal Cake Theory" an astounding article by Bob Wyatt
Fly line Repairs. Lars Chr. Bentsen
Stuff from our Sponsors - SAGE
Sexyloops G-Spot
The International Brotherhood... (and Sisterhood, Tina)
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Snapcast - March 2006
Put and Take. By Bob Wyatt.
Partridge Hook Draw - and the winners are...
Sexyloops Profile - Eric Wonhof aka "Eric"
Bob Wrote a Book
...and Mel Made a DVD
A Word From Our Sponsors. 3M Scientific Anglers

Snapcast - January 2006
Tying the Scandinavian tubefly. By Viking Lars
Sexylooper Profile - PETER MORSE (aka Morsie)
Exposing Yourself - Advice to Prospective Casting Instructors. - Guy Manning
A Word from our sponors. This month, Partridge of Reddich