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Gi day folks, sorry for last week, impossible to find a connection on time. So here's a page on two pages.
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Ronan's report

Tuesday le 31st March 2009

I had a good very good time at the “Moulin de Sauvage”. I wanted to have an idea about the work involved in the management of a site like this one. So I worked on different activities like the conception of a fence during one day, feed the horses and clean the stables, bring a broken jet boat engine to the mechanics, cutting trees on the river….. plenty of simple but pleasant things to do.

The Moulin has got a good stretch of Private River, with a wild population of pikes, chubs, perches, sanders…..and others. We (4 of us) fished 6 ks from a canoe during one morning and we landed 3 pikes and lost a few others. We had another day fishing from the shore with a friend; 4 fish landed and another 4 lost. So we fished 2 times in a week which is not much but enough to see that it is really fishy.

I spent a day doing some casting in a fishing tackle shop animation and another day on the river with a client. (That was an approach of guiding but not guiding because he didn't pay for that). It was interesting but the guy was really competent so there was not much I could tell him about the river with only 2 days fishing it. So I felt useless….( euh well just for a short moment )

This week, I did some work at JMC de Charette, a big wholesaler in europe. It gave me the opportunity to see the fly fishing market closer. It's always good to build some contacts. I might need to work someday!!

I caught my first three Black bass this week, there's a nice pond just next to the company! And I also caught my first pike on the fly! All in the same week - isn't it an amazing week. Yes!

Back to Ornans, and the Loue is still not fishable ahhh bugger!

… got my flight booked for the Scottish meet… and I will catch my first trout of the season this week... yeah!

Cheers, Tonio

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