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Ronan's report

Monday 18th June, 2012

Well I've also been fencing, hole digging, concreting, grass strimming and Ironman training. Basically it's been a lot of sweat, especially now summer has well and truly arrived to Hungary. Today was 33 degrees, which is nice, unless you're running 20km, which I was, in which case it's bloody hot! Still I'm enjoying my running, even if the locals think I've completely lost it.

Today is looking like another bitch day too, I'm tentatively planning on getting up at five, running 20km - before felling trees for the fence I'm building. I never get up at five. Sometimes I'm still up at five, of course, but that's something entirely different.

Anyway Sunday was great. I'm just back from an Asping trip, floating the Drava, which looked like being a bad idea at first, what with the summer temperatures, the bright sunlight and relatively dirty water, which kept getting dirtier as the day progressed (Drava dropping fast and the Mura tributary is rarely clear). And so we switched to Gurglers...

One nice Asp and a couple of small ones. Fantastic!

And for the first time this season we fished the island below Latohegy, which is technically Croatia (in fact there is nothing technical about it, both banks here are Croatia). We have the permission this year to float through, I have no idea how the fishing permission works through this section... and I'm not asking! The water looks amazing and I know that Janko fishes and catches here regularly. I moved a few Chub (although I'm not chasing chub) and saw one Asp move.

I'm excited to try the water lower too. We have 45km to explore this year. Next week we're planning our first camping trip through this section. Camping with mosquitoes, will need plenty of Palinka!

This coming weekend I'm in Italy meeting Roberto Pragliola, father of the TLT technique. I'm excited about this and looking forward to a couple of days fishing with Michal Duzynski shortly after as well. I'll have to take my bike... not long to go before the Ironman!

And finally! Vote Clark Reid "Male Country Artist of the Year!"


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