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Ronan's report

Saturday November 11th 2010

Going through all my salmon/seatrout-tackle last weekend also meant going through the flyboxes - there's 5 of them, for Christ's sake. And they're all pretty well stuffed - and that got me thinking about the flies I've fished this season. I can't be 100% sure, but as far as I remember, I think 80% or more of my fishing has been done with two flies - my Black & Silver-variant and my Mickey Finn-variant. Other than that I think I may have used 4-5 other patterns now and then.

This doesn't add up with the fact that the boxes are stuffed with loads of other flies. Some of them are "specialty-patterns". SOme are only used when night fishing for seatrout, for instance - and some are salmon dryflies that I use occasionally. But even among all the "standard" tubeflies that I fish so much are several patterns that I don't seem to fish at all.

So I decided to streamline the selection a little, and cut down on the number of flies that I carry.

That got me thinking about other flies. My dryfly selection is in this regard bordering on ridiculous. When I fish dryly, I prefer to imitate what trout are eating, and hence I have imitations of every major insect that are important as "dry food" for trout. That's all good and well - I know this means currying lots of flies, and that's cool. But among these are imitations of insects that are VERY rarely eaten. For instance, an imitation of an egglaying stonefly, which I used last 4 years ago or something :-). But it stays there - there's a great satisfaction in having the right fly the day I once again stumble upon a trout accidentally taking the odd egglaying stonefly :-).

The same goes for my saltwater flies - most of them are imitations and fished according to when the naturals are "in season". For instance, I carry an imitation of lumpfish fry, which sometimes are abundant in March, and when they, seatrout like to eat them (they're funny little, fat green things :-), so I really feel I need the fly (last caught a fish in it in 2006 :-).

So what do you do? Do you carry imitations of every bugger in the river, or do you just fish a Royal Fuckup, and catch all the same fish anyway? More on the Board!

Have a great Saturday! I think I need to tie some flies today - I feel I need more :-)


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