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Ronan's report

Tuesday 18th November, 2008

From France...

Hi guys! I've started it. We're 12 students from 22 to 43 year old. Look's like I' m gonna be really busy. Actually maybe more than I've always been! It's just incredible. I'll be studying from 9 to 12H30 in the morning to 13H30 till 18H. I think I told you that before, but the location is looking really sexy .I' ve got a nice river 200m from where I'm staying. Too bad we're off season! I have already another plan for the accommodation. 200m is too far, I've checked a new place hehehehe, there I' ll be able to fish from the balcony lucky me

We haven't been working so much till now; it was more like getting to know each other, administration stuff, explanations visit of the school…(which is also a museum)....ah yeah we' ve trained on fishing knots… What at shiti thing this name knots! I' ve failed on the CI written test a few of those because the names were in English and now I'm learning them in French, which will confuse me even more!!! nice.

There are actually around 8 schools that are teaching this course in France. Each of them will have the same program, because it's an official degree given by the French government. The course is 1132 hours articuled in 800H at school and 332 H of training period. It started on the 12 of November 2008 till the 15 of July 2009. The cost the course depends on the situation of the student. It will depend on, the school, if the future student is working or unemployed, if he find some subsidy…lets say the price will be between 4500 and 8000 euros. The classes are small, around 10 students per school, which will provide between 80 and 100 fishing guide a year in France. Talking with people who are already in the business, people can wonder if it is a valuable job. I heard that, around 20 guides manage to make a living guiding in France. Where are the others ones going??? Or doing? Is it still a part time job in France?

Preconditions to the admittance:

  • European first aid certificate
  • A testified 50 metres free swimming: starting with a dive, swim 25 metres and back 25 metres dive again, in order to get an immerged body at 2m deep
  • A complete file with, your studies, your professional experience, and your experiences around: water, fishing, animation, tourism and sport.

Once they have selected your application, they'll see you for a casting test witch could either be fly casting, or casting with a spinning rod. Which is quite simple in fact; I was even surprise about that: Here's a target around a meter wide: cast from your right hand at 5, 6, 7, 8 meters than change hand cast at 9m and back cast at 10m with your right hand. They calculate a maximum of point which is 125. And if you got more than 60, its good, you've past it. After that you pick up a mystery subject about a fishing situation and you have to explain how you choose your gear and how you'll be fishing in that situation.

After that they'll be seeing you in a particular meeting and ask about why you want to do this job which are you motivations, and which is you professional project.

This 1132 h are articulated in 10 modules:

  • UC1- Be able to communicate in professionals situations (63 hours)
  • UC2-Be able to consider the different characteristics of the public to prepare an educative action (63 hours)
  • UC3-Be able to prepare a project and its evaluation ( 78 hours )
  • UC4- Be able to participate in the functioning of the structure and in the management of the activity ( 39 hours )
  • UC5- Be able to prepare an action of animation using one or many activities in relation to different aquatics environments in the context of an educative, touristy or social project ( 63 hours )
  • UC6- Be able to supervise individuals alone or in groups in the context of the discovery of an aquatical environment and the fishing ( 63 hours )
  • UC7- Be able to mobilize the necessary knowledge to the conduct of professional fishing activities ( 133 hours )
  • UC8- Be able to conduct an educative action using as a support the different techniques of fishing aimed to spare time or competition activity ( 96 hours )
  • UC9- Be able to master the different fishing techniques related to the environment and the situation encountered ( 101 hours )
  • UC10- Be able to be an actor of the different steps of the development, the restoration and the conservation of a fishing location ( 101 hours )

The module 1 to 4 are common to all PROFESSIONAL BREVET OF THE YOUTH AND SPORT MINISTERY. If you want to become a rafting guide, a trekking guide or a kayak guide…'ll have to go through these modules. To simplify the course is about business, animation, fishing and environment.

The training part is divided in 4 periods:

  • 2 weeks from mid febuary to the end of the month.
  • 2 weeks from mid march to the end of the month
  • 4 weeks in April
  • 3 weeks (the last week of May and the 2 first of June)

I'm looking for employers. I would love to give a hand guiding somewhere in Europe for the 2 periods of 2 weeks duration. In April, I'm looking at a place somewhere in an other continent. I'm quite open, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French spoken somewhere in South or North America or Oceania, could be fresh or salt water fishing. Of course my true love will be on the fly.

Cheers guys and thanks for helping!

Pps: secret and amazing skill : I know how to cook beans and potatoes thanks to cooking master Paul...

Tonio Tonio

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