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Ronan's report

Tuesday 20 de Febrero, 2007 - quickly preceeded by Monday the 19th

Eric was in charge. Not Paul. Paul was involved in Massage, Bodywork and Mouse Fishing on Mystery Lake X and so couldn't be held responsible for anything. Eric on the otherhand was - according to him - not stoned, but instead abducted by Aliens, forced to eat seal's fur and returned to Earth whereupon he couldn't find Bob's page which was in - not one - but two places. Which was why yesterday's page was in fact Sunday's page, why Monday's page is a multi-day combo extravaganza extending into the middle of next week and why Rich saved the day.

Magnus says he's very busy at the moment and can I handle it? You bet, Magnum.

So this week's topic is fishing in boats, kayaks, float tubes, bath tubs, home-made rafts and other shit. My pick is Kayaks.

Kayak flyfishing is better than float tubes, boats, sex in normal positions and as well as combining two fun things into one exciting experience you can also do it loch style. Especially if you know anything about it. Everything I know about loch style - or lochstyling as we call it at Sexyloops - can be found in the Stillwater section - so that's your page buggered Bob.

In fact pretty much everything I know about kayak flyfishing can be found here too. So there goes mine. Float tubes I don't know much about apart from the fact that you need strong leg muscles, which is the other reason Viking Lars cycles around Aarhus on an almost daily basis.

If you want to try kayak fishing here's what you will need: [1] a kayak [2] a paddle [3] a drogue [4] there is no four [5] a floatation device (OK I don't wear one either but I figure WTF I've raced Triathlons; bring on your capsizing shit..) and you're off...

Chasing down surface feeding fish, timing your paddle pace to match your casting stroke [CCS non-required] so that you don't run over the fish before you've made the shot, the thrill of the high speed hookup, the interesting moment when the fish dives beneath the kayak and dashes off upwind, the capsizing closely followed by the realisation that the sixth essential is actually a net.

Kayak flyfishing: high speed flyfishing on the paddle.

Tomorrow: Carlos!


Oh yeah and I don't agree with Bob yesterday - just because the teacher wipes the blackboard doesn't mean there was no previous lesson. This is the Afterlife. I made it, you made it, Bob made it, even Lars made it. How can it be any other way? Welcome, have you looked around lately? I mean really looked around..

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