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Ronan's report

Thursday 11th July, 2013

About a fortnight ago I went fishing in the northern jungle to escape the smog that engulfed the city for about a week. Well, I was not the only one who had that cunning escape plan. Apparently many other people had the same idea. Not only the common folks had the same idea, the army also had the same idea. Just a few days before I arrived, there were some sorts of military exercise took place in the same jungle. Our entry permits were delayed until the military operations were over. We wasted half of day waiting, along with another 40-50 fisherman, for boats and boats of army personnel coming out from their camps. Each boat had a corporal armed with a Styer AUG with at least 10 civilian-clothed potbellied officers and one of two of these officers were armed with fishing gears. Maybe they had some sort military fishing exercise to escape the smog. When the third and forth army boats came out from their camps, I knew my fishing was going to be bad. True enough, fishing was very bad for the next four days. The worst I had in many years. For four days, an average three large fish sighted a day, one out of these 3 fishes was curious enough to follow the fly and that was what it did, just follow. The other two dived even with the fly landed six foot short. They behaved like someone had thrown a grenade at them earlier. That was not a figurative statement. Fish bombing is still common here.

Now, 13 days later, I am sitting in front of the computer wondering whether I should be writing about another fishless trip. In snakehead fishing, any fish shorter than a foot is not worth mentioning. I decided to go ahead and write about it because what I am experiencing is what most average Joe fisherman is facing. The main problem is nowadays I go fishing only when I am free and when I am free, other fishermen are also free. That's why. I ended up fishing when there were too many other fishermen and fish were already spooked by human activities.

There isn't any point lamenting on what has happened so moving forward, I came out with another cunning plan. The cunning plan is not to plan my fishing. It is time to do the old fashion drop everything and go fishing. I used to do the drop-and-go thing a lot for over a decade, when I was self-employed doing consulting work for market research and financial companies.

Back then, fishing was a lot better because I fish when other fishermen were working or sleeping and I could time my fishing to when it was supposed to be at its best. Six years ago I decided to join this property management company and work fulltime whilst still running my own small businesses; my fishing time became a lot less. But most important is the timing. I tend to fish over extended weekends (weekend just after or before public holidays) so that I do not have to take that many days off from work. Other normal average Joe fishermen also had the same idea. I don't want (meaning too scared) to live a life of a carefree fish bum and I don't want to combine fishing and work so I have to be creative to be able to drop everything and go fishing anytime I feel like it or whenever I think I should be fishing instead of working. I still haven't really figured out how to do it. Come to think of it again the drop-and-go fishing plan is not very cunning either because many fishermen will also have the same plan to solve the same timing dilemma. Bugger.

Nuff rambling.


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