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Ronan's report

Saturday June 3rd, 2006

I go out to practice and get distracted and forget ummm... something. I also forget what I was going to work on or what someone posted on the board. I'm left with goofing off which is pretty enjoyable, but sometimes I really want to work on things so I make myself notes. I especially like to write comments about those few casts I haven't figured out. Spurred by Lars, I'm embarking on the Sexyloops Cheat Sheet for when you're... *gasp* away from the computer. Here's the first piece which I've probably written out and stuffed in my pocket about 10 times to be found later in the wash.

Another thing that saves me from my space cadet brain is my campbox that evolved from a shipping box several years ago. Sort of like the junk drawer for my truck. If I remember this backbackers' nightmare, then I've remembered most everything.

Pot, lid, frying pan, plates, bowls, cups, cutting board, cooking oil, spices, utensils, big knife, spatula, foil, dish soap, dish towel, rubber mat, fire grill, 2 burner stove, coffee pot, instant coffee, newspaper, trash bag, ziplock bag, matches, candles, pocket knife, can/bottle opener, bug spray, 2 propane canisters, lantern, gas, wash cloth, bar of soap, batteries, flashlight, a tarp, cord, stakes, first-aid kit, toilet paper, a small shovel, and few other things. Not bad for a single box, but it still needs a water filter. A little gas hibachi would be nice too but they suck up a lot of space. Crucial space that I need badly for my growing collection of tackle.


p.s. Tomorrow... something different

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