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Ronan's report

Wednesday 9th December, 2009

Winter is, among other things, reading season, so I will begin with a brief reading from Larger Trout for the Western Flyfisherman by Charles E. Brooks, from 1983.

"It is not the number of years spent at the game that distinguishes the advanced angler, nor is it the quality of his tackle and gear. It has nothing to do with the casting skill nor how much he has read on the subject. What then, or who is an advanced angler?"

Brooks continues,

"...advanced angling is a state of mind. An advanced angler, oddly enough, is one who has not arrived. He is still trying to progress."

Several pages later comes the definitive statement,

"The advanced angler never stops advancing; he continues to progress. The advanced angler is therefore always the advancing angler."

Reading that, and the wonderful prose sandwitched between those literary bookends set me off thinking about not only the way I approach angling, but also the advanced anglers that I've come to know.

I've come to know some, not personally, but through their writings. Brooks, LaFontaine, Wulff, McMillan, Borger, Gartside.

I've come to know other more closely through a fortunate life spent on rivers and lakes, and in fishing towns, camps, and flyshops. Guys with names like Ken, Justin, Niall, Travis, Mickey, John, Brian, Jeff, and Paul.

These anglers have all in one way or another showed me the advanced state of mind and inspired me to keep searching for the next breakthrough in my personal flyfishing world. To them I am forever grateful.

And so, yet again, and still off in the clouds of angling thought, I find myself rambling here on the Sexyloops FP.

Fish On,

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