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Ronan's report

Friday June 30th, 2006

Doris is away fishing this week, she may be back in time for the FP, in which case Lars has gone to bed. Or she may be stuck up a river somewhere. One never knows with Doris...

I'm in Idaho Falls paying a quick visit on Simon G. We'll be drinking Long Island Ice Teas and discussing Spey casts. Sage bought Rio a while back; I know that some of you may be unaware of this. I've known Simon since my Chatsworth days which was my first major casting demonstration. It's an interesting world: looking for friends in the fishing world? Get into casting.

Idaho Falls is a Mormon town. That means no alcohol, no coffee (what are they thinking?!), no beards and lots of wives. I'm not sure I'd make a very good Mormon. I once visited a Mormon church in SLC while at lunch break from a show. Two Mormon women accosted me, and invited me to a tour of their cathedral. I said yes (they were quite attractive).

There were around twenty on tour, which mainly comprised of the history of Mormons. I realised this and when they moved off to the next point of interest I cleverly lagged behind and disappeared around a corner. Several people noticed I had gone. I paid attention from afar.

As they moved on I noticed that others from their number disappeared around different corners at each location. All I can say is I'm pleased that I wasn't the last left in that group...

Me, I'm very tolerant of all [tolerant] religions. Not that there are many of those of course.

Montana beckons... big fish...


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