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Ronan's report

Thursday 29th March, 2012

Being the most devout fisherman in the family and of most everyone I know (you all excluded), I've noticed that whenever there's a stray piece of tackle that would otherwise be trashed, it somehow finds a home with me. The garage now has an array of spin rods, surf rods, and trolling rods with a handful of fair reels. Not much of it's pretty; most is old. I doubt I'll use a bit of it, but it's hard to pitch a perfectly good piece of tackle even it is from the dark side.

A couple of these items came from my great grandfather who passed quite a few years ago. I have memories of fishing with him from way back as a kid. More accurately, memories of trolling Tahoe deep for the mackinaw. I never got to cast out the yard long rig of flashers, wire, swivels, beads and lure, but he was generous enough in letting me reel some in. As I opened the bag of his tackle some 30 years later and re-examined the attractor rig, I understood his hesitation letting a little kid loose with it. It's a fuckup waiting to happen.

Deeper in the bag I found his old vest. Light weight canvas, two huge front pockets complete with stray shot and corroded swivels, a couple suspender style straps and a big back pouch. I wouldn't doubt he dumped several things out of the open pockets, down down to the bottom of the lake, as he leaned over to net the fish. It was totally useless for flyfishng, but I've never had the heart to get rid of it since it's damn solid and being every day of 60 years old or more.

Well, it's finally found a new life. I ripped it apart at the seams and turned it into a satchel. Should make a fine lunch sack at the least and be able to see more dust, sun and water. Who knows where it will be when its day is done, but it's not ending here.


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