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Ronan's report

Tuesday August 22nd, 2006

I know that there is the idea out there that the Sexyloops' Board is somehow a "public board". Well it's not. Sure we invite all to join and everyone is free to read, however it is the Sexyloops' Board. This means that we can delete anything we want. We don't delete much, instead we prefer to treat everyone as adults and equals - hey we're all flyfishermen and women; so we are equal, but there are rules:

1. No spamming. We delete porn threads, hookers in London, Russian girls looking for husbands in polyprops, flyrod companies hyping their rods, other websites trying to pinch our readers, basically anyone advertising anything. If you want to advertise with us, then use the proper channels; ie pay us. It's quite simple and we're very happy to get paid.

2. No petty arguments. We don't care if you have a chip on your shoulder and think you're more equal than others; you're not. Get over it. If you want a fight go to some other board and start it there. The Sexyloops' Board is like sitting around my fireplace; I don't expect you to remove your boots, but I do expect you to clean them before you arrive.

3. No racism, sexism or country music. Fortunately none of those three appear very often, and that's because we're flyfishermen and therefore Enlightened.

4. There is no 4.

5. No selling. We don't sell on the Board, we don't advertise on the Board, and that's what makes the Sexyloops' Board unique, and is one reason why you'll find the highest level of contibutions of any flyfishing board, period. You can ask any question and you'll get answers from some of the world's top flycasting instructors, distance casters, flyfishermen, saltwater gurus, flytackle reviewers, flytyers, guides - from all around the globe; US, Aussie, Europe, NZ, South Africa. Ask any question and you will get the most informed answer possible.

6. Don't fuck with us or I'll send Viking Lars around.

Have a great day!


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