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Ronan's report

Monday 14th July, 2014

There is a son-of-a-bitch bully telling me the "latest" I have to get up, the latest I should start training and for how long. When I should start working and when I should finish and at what time I need to be back in bed. Bastard! I have a real problem with him, not least because he is me.

So much for my elastic time.

Fortunately I get a day off and today (Sunday) is such a day. So I'm going to potter around and chop some wood. I may lift some weights and organise the cabin somewhat. Hopefully I'll get in a cast or two (although that's been organised for me too - apparently) and it would be nice to have a throw at some fish. But I might also have to get the weekly shopping in, because there doesn't appear to be much time available for that, in his Stalinist Schedule.

Do you have these arguments with yourself?

Paul is a lazy bastard. I've taken control and decided to organise his life for him because he seems unable to do this. All he thinks about is fishing and women - typical bloody fishing male. By making him get organised I feel that I am doing him - and the women - a big favour. These all-nighters sitting up, drinking wine and burning campfires will become a thing of the past (apart from once per week when he has the following day off). And I'm much better looking than he is.

That's a lie. He's just as ugly.

So, if you're expecting an email from me, or indeed, if you've given up expecting an email from me, then look out! It's all about to happen...

Cheers, Paul (and Stalin Paul)

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