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Ronan's report

Thursday 26th March, 2009

I got a note from a mate today to tell me he was going hunting... among the instructions he left for me to oversee in his absence was the kind of good news that he has left his Boat and all of his Flyfishing gear to me in his will. Now I wouldn't really want anything to happen to him... but it's a bloody nice boat and he has a good solid collection of Sage rods... I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not being ghoulish or anything and he is a bloody good mate...

But it really is a nice boat... nicer than mine...

This had me thinking about how our thinking can be clouded by our recreations... Like when I got married... the engagement was in hand and now we had to set a date... “September” was my suggestion... my wife wanted to know why, when we were planning an outdoor ceremony on the banks of a wilderness stream did I want to get married in the most unpredictable, changeable weather month of the year...

“Well” I explained patiently “Pheasant shooting ends at the end of August and the trout season doesn't open until October... it has to September”.

She's such a darling... we got married in September...

I think we often don't get the credit we are due for the good will that is often behind what, to some, may appear callous decisions... like when my daughter developed an allergy to feathers... I mean... I had a fly-tying room with a 30 year accumulation of stuff in it and all I said was “There are some great boarding schools out there”... holy crap I didn't deserve that reaction! I mean I could have suggested adoption... many would have!

I've sacrificed a lot for my sport and it isn't appreciated to the degree I believe it should be. I gave up fishing in the best conditions we had last week just because my wife was turning 39.... She got all crabby when I suggested maybe I would go for a “quick fish”... I mean where's the logic... she lies about her age, complains about getting older and then gets ratty when I try to ignore the fact another year has passed... it makes no sense to me...

Anyway, today is not her Birthday, the sea is flat, my old boat is waiting for me to hitch it up and get it wet (thank god I used that sentence in the appropriate place) and I'm going fishing...

Did I mention I have a mate who's going hunting???


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