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Ronan's report

Tuesday 27th January, 2009

Interesting week again, we' ve been busy working on several things. Monday was the last of our 3 days computer session and we worked on Exel and Power point. Tuesday: Civil engineering versus vegetal engineering advantages and inconvenient of these two different ways of working creation around water systems.

Wednesday “Drachkovitch” building, tying flies and “gambes” building! I do not find any translation for “gambe”, but it's the sort of things we used for vertical fishing. I' ve never been fishing this way before but that's looking very exiting! We'll be looking for Coregonus lavaretus that way in our June training. I never heard about this specie before but it's apparently cacheable on the fly too, they can reach good size up to a metre and currently around 50cm. In the afternoon we visited an artificial small lake. The exercise was to analyse the piece of water as if we were buyers. Make an inventory and state of repair of this piece of water and propose a nice landscaping relative to good fishing…. and all the improvement needed to make it become a nice product.

Thursday we had somebody intervening on what we could do here in France working with school and kids. It's apparently possible for us after the guiding course to give talks to children as a full time job, some kind of “water class”.

In the afternoon we were tested on our communication skills. We haven't been tested really much so far .This test was OK, nothing really hard.

Friday was awesome. We had a hydrologist talking about what we can or cannot do about the management of a fishery: Jean Francois Stuat co author of “aquaculture continental". He got onto everything or maybe not but he got onto so much things! (laws, what fish, what proportions, all different kind of ponds, dykes, how to choose a pound to grow fish, or just to fish for them, technical problems you can face, fish disease ……and plenty more ! but I think you get the idea!

So what to do! Water class?, fishery management?, “guilie” or maybe something crazier as we like to do here on loops! What about more video making!

Cheers, Tonio

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