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Ronan's report

Friday May 12th, 2006

Yeah, the calm before the storm. And there will be a storm. Welcome to Sexyloops.

We're going to do something completely different - and you're a part of it.

Welcome to The Revolution.

(bring your socks - you'll be needing them)

"it's all about to happen"

Family ties are interesting, aren't they? (yeah, Ben's offline - although he and his father have a great relationship - well, you know, they're certainly not normal. If fact, anything but.]

And I'm going to go into business with them, or Ben, despite this. Because [a] I like Ben. We're not gay you understand, it's a man-thing. (Ben will be so pleased to hear). --- see, should have done the FP, Ben.

So, Ben, what do you think about how we run the tackle reviews/advertising? You're in charge now. And I will stand behind your decision (my backup is enlightenment - so be careful now..)


PS you have to make a decision quite quickly..

For the rest of you, looking for something quite interesting to read, erm cool, welcome to Sexyloops. Where you end up. Well done; you made it. We do some really cool stuff here. Believe it or not we are changing how weird people see us. So that's kinda cool. What do you do with your life? We fuck with people - with their minds. (with flyrods). This is more of an Internet thing really - how else are you going to get exposure without interference. Remember now: when we say something is good, we mean it. We don't give a fuck about advertising pounds. Can the industry handle the Internet? |Manufacturers or Internet - who's going to win?]

I'm also thinking about outsourcing our advertising. Interesting decision that

What do you think? I don't like being manipulated either and I don't need to make the money in that way. I'd love to pay the guys here, because they deserve it. Sexyloops should be making 40-50 K per year in advertising!!! (With our readership). I'm hungry at the end of every month - and live on potatoes and beans - the Food of Gods, of course.

But what if you see an advert on my site and you buy something that sucks?
I wouldn't like that...

What do you think?

(By the way, we're taking over - bring it on..)

Pic Of Day a man who always gets laid... (and ronan)

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