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Ronan's report

Saturday April 19th, 2008

Two weeks left in the regular season now. The Rock and Pillars have a snowcap, down to two thousand feet now. I'm trying to get my water system insulated. Truck won't start in the mornings. Anarctica is just below the horizon. You can feel it. Buddachu is in a high state of anxiety. He texts me about twice a day. "The hatches are ON!" I text him back. "I know, I KNOW"!" Chris is trying to fish two or three places a day. Paul and Ronan are out there somewhere, wearing all of their socks at once.

It's a great time of year. The stags are roaring, ducks and geese are flying up and down the rivers. Guys are building duck blinds - mai mais, they call them down here. It's all happening. The best thing though is the Deleatidium hatch. This little mayfly is pretty common on the South island. It's a little greyish job that comes off through most of the day, and then there's usually a good fall of spent spinners in the mornings. This makes for real fly fishing. None of your tungsten head woolly buggers stripped through the pools now. The fish are often in pods of a half dozen, on the fin, high up in the water. The emergers come off in the riffles - the fish porpoising for them - and the back eddies and tail-outs are a regular sushi train of spinners. Good fish, too. In top condition.

This isn't easy fishing though. At least not until you crack the code. Not that it's hard to figure out, but you got to get your fly in the ballpark, size wise. And the rest is presentation. I rely in a ratty little DHE for the emergers, and actually it does pretty good throughout the day. I mostly fish a 14, if it's skinny enough you don't need to go smaller. I've been using snowshoe hare foot fur for the wings a lot, so technically I guess it should be called an SHE. For the spinners I just use a clipped hackle job, to get that body flat in the surface thing going. Or even a sparse DH Sedge, with the body ginked up. Just get onto a rising fish and keep putting that fly over him.

I just love this shit.


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