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Ronan's report

Monday 15th December, 2008

The Revolution has been pressed and is in Daniel's hands at Fly Tackle Europe. Hopefully the RFUs have arrived because they were some of the best ever. There's still time, I think, to get a Christmas order from us. We've a complete range of tackle over at FTE, including waders, flylines, flies, rods, reels, nets, socks, inflatable sheep - and if you can't find it listed, we may still be able to get it - Daniel's very resourceful like that.

I'm currently a long way behind on emails, probably at least as far as last Thursday; I've been fishing the backcountry and busy over the weekend giving the Sexyloops One Day Flycasting Course, which is our Intermediate and Beyond course. Saturday was great, perfect weather, and we actually managed to get through the complete course, unlike in Christchurch where it would have been total overload for all but two of the attendees - both Sexyloopers. So thanks Chris for helping with the organisation - there were many excellent casters including a few local guides and instructors. This is a great course and hard to believe I didn't invent it before. We have more dates lined up, both in the North Island and again in the South Island in the New Year, including one beginners' course, potentially in Cromwell.

This week, one of Babus' cousins arrive, and together with Ronan, John, Frazer, Chris and Chase (who arrived tonight), we're going to go fish an interesting and very beautiful location, camp, do Manshit, blow stuff up and generally have an excellent time. Ronan and John have been away fishing the backcountry Mystery River X this weekend, and I'm looking forward to hearing how they got on! Judging by the weather I reckon they'll have nailed them… I wonder what that sock will be doing that I left in their truck?

An interesting thing happened at last weekend's Mouse Hunt, while a few of us were recovering from the day's activity around camp, eating beans and potatoes, Chris was away, busy fishing a couple of hours into dark. He returned having caught six fish, feeding hard in shallow water, tight into the edges… on one of Stu's Bionic Bugs no less. I remember being surprised that Chris had caught fish and mentioned it to Ronan. Ronan said he was surprised too, and that he didn't think Chris normally caught fish and that they must have been quite literally throwing themselves at him.

Anyway, we followed suit the next day (just to make sure he wasn't making it up) and also got on top of them, using muddlers and streamers this time. Which just goes to show, when they're playing hard to get during the day, they're probably going to be going all-out in the shallows at night. We all know that of course, but the most interesting part about it all was that all the fish we caught were within twelve inches of the bank.

Later in the week Ronan, John and I fished a river and tarns that we'd never fished before. Always trying something new, we had to cross swamps, scale a bluff, borrow a boat, get stuck in dense bush and generally get scratched and bullied to hell. Unfortunately the fishing was pretty crap, what with the biggest fish being only around a three pounds. So that was a bit of a fuckup.

On Thursday I hooked up with Hair and Bronwyn - it's all happening here at the moment - just outside of Queenstown. Hair and I then proceeded to put the world to rights, but the world got its own back the next day, and I'm still not feeling 100%. Awesome to catch up with Hair by the way. Badger was over for the course too this week and gave me the Borat. I'm looking forward to sunny weather… maybe later this week (I think Babus' cousin may fly straight back to Australia if she sees me wearing that!).

SO, this Christmas we're going to have a Sexyloops gathering in Reefton. At the moment there looks to be around 15 of us, from all over the place, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, UK, US, Tassie. If you're around and fancy getting involved drop me an email or post on the Board. We'll have lumiline fights, a Shootout, flytying, Santa and of course some pretty damned serious fly fishing. This is an excellent, albeit often difficult area to fish. I guess most of us will be in the area for around a week. There will be no Unicum.


PS If you missed this little piece from the Dalia Lama that I helped put together, I think it's well worth checking out

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