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Ronan's report

Thursday 19th November, 2009

Davy’s page reminded me of a conversation I had with an Arkansas biologist about Bull Shoals. As per usual, the only thing I can remember through the beer induced haze, was that the flow control was awful, they had done some habitat enhancement work at the location, and the flows had moved even the largest boulders like they were made out of feathers. They other thing I remember was that there are big trout.

The conversation was held in West Yellowstone during an amazing conference in 2007. The Wild Trout series of conferences brought fisheries managers together with the angling community to learn about and help manage wild trout populations around the world.
This is straight from the site:

The Wild Trout Symposium brings together a broad and diverse audience of governmental entities, non-profit conservation groups, media representatives, educators, anglers, fishing guides, and business interests associated with trout fisheries to exchange technical information and viewpoints on wild trout management and related public policy. Held every 3 years, each symposium has led to innovative wild trout management approaches.
Wild Trout X offers a unique forum for professionals and anglers to interact, and where participants will to be exposed to the latest wild trout science, technology and philosophies. This conference will equip participants to better manage, preserve, and restore these significant but declining resources. The symposium will focus on the needs of working-level wild trout professionals, conservationists, and trout anglers.

This year is the Wild Trout X conference (Sept 2010)! I invite all anglers to come down and register to listen to cutting edge trout management (amazing talks from a researcher in Scotland on aging Ferox trout and some good stuff from Japan). I would also recommend that you pass this Call for Papers on to a biologist that works with trout. This type of conference is important to a young biologists experience building and is important for anglers and old farts to see what’s going on in other places.

If you are interested in joining this year’s Sexyloops fly swap, don’t forget to sign up on the board. Paul is not involved in returning flies, so there is a reasonable expectation of getting them back during 2010 (Thank you Savage for Hosting). Of course this is Sexyloops, so anything can happen, including stuff you never wanted to see!!

Better sign up quick as the spots are filling fast!

See you on the river,

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