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Ronan's report

Tuesday 24th July, 2012

Harps is dealing with oil spills, other environmental issues and assisting a friend adopt a baby! Just another week for Harps of course, but also means he's away from the Internet.

Me, I've really been struggling with this non-training, race preparation period. My mind and body want to be out there running, riding, swimming and going hard. But race preparation dictates a slow down and lots of stretching and hydration, apparently. My body is like WTF? and I don't like it. In fact I know this is not working for me and tomorrow I have to get out there and do something harder, otherwise come weekend I won't be able to move!

Driving for nine hours today probably didn't help. Even in the turbo charged Jimny.

Lot's of good threads on the Board. Be sure to get involved; the more the merrier! Back to Asp fishing for me...


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