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Ronan's report

Monday 23rd, January 2012

Looks like I'm off to Spain this week, for a month or so, somewhere between Valencia and Alacant on the coast, and man am I looking forward to getting away! I'm really going to help my sister move there, but I think it's perfect timing for me too! I need fishing, travelling, fiestas, mad people (the Spanish are always mad, and happy of course, which is perfect). I've been missing my travelling recently, somehow I was prevented from getting away for the winter, but "you don't know until you find out" sort-of-thing and I've been busy developing some tackle and one or two other exciting things. I hope to have the bulk of this completed in the next few months.

We are planning Sexyloops fishing trips to Hungary and Croatia next year. We also are planning fishing and running with the Bulls in Pamplona. These will be great trips and I hope you will join us.

I have officially finished my Flyswap 2012 flies and they will be in the post to Janko today!! And I am not last! So if you are in the swap and Janko doesn't have your flies yet, then please hurry up, because we've been waiting long enough, slow coaches!

So what can we expect from Spain? Absolutely no idea. I'm sure there'll be some Black Bass action, and maybe some Imaginary Saltwater (I sure hope so because we're on the beach!).

Sexyloops: It's all about to happen - hang on to your tortuga.

Cheers, Paul

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