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Monday: Paul Arden
Tuesday: Harps
Wednesday: Bernd Ziesche
Thursday: Mr T.
Friday: Ray
Saturday: Viking Lars
Sunday: Bruce Richards

Ronan's report

Monday 5th September, 2011

Here are the official Hungary Meet dates: 19-21 September fishing in Croatia, 22/23 FFF CCI, MCI, THCI certifications at my school in Latohegy. 24/25 Casting weekend. If you are coming or considering taking your instructor certifications then please email me without delay! I have to seal this event very shortly. There will be a large Hungarian and International casting presence.

I'm looking forward to getting back to Hungary even if is for a short time. There are Asp to be caught, land to be bought (for a casting pool), a pike/sailing boat to be sanded and varnished, the shack to be finished and a fence built. And I have to work on my Single Handed Spey casting for the AAPGAI Masters - possibly with Erno - at the end of October and winterise the bloody cabin again!

Lots happening here to fit in before I fly South again. Have a Malaysian Snakehead trip planned and a couple of months in New Zealand. We'll be having a Sexyloops gathering in Reefton first week in December, there may be a Aussie/NZ shootout (which the Europeans will win :p ). No idea where Ronan and I will fish in January although we are talking Australia again. I'm considering finishing the cycle tour of Australia, but it means travelling through the NT Wet Season which may be physically impossible. In any case I'm in training again after a couple of months of partying and womanising!

Off to Spain this week (probably) and may be able to set something up with Carlos and his Sexyloops School next weekend. Busy times indeed. Some great threads on the Board at the moment, I need to update to MySQL5 this week, hopefully this doesn't cause the Board to crash!!

In October I'll be hosting the Rugby World Cup final/Essex Shootout. Let me know if you can make it.

So now to another topic; Accuracy. In the past I may have stated that accuracy is for the girls, and the reason I've never been much cop at it is because I have no feminine side. Well I changed my mind last world championships when I watched Steve Rajeff throw an amazing accuracy round in Norway and I've been working on the discipline ever since.

I emailed Steve following his amazing performance and asked him how the hell he did it. He answered that he imagines casting the loop through a tunnel to the target, which has certainly helped me, especially combined with pull-back (pull-back is where instead of just stopping the rod, you nudge it backwards while the rod is still bent and part of the Casting Stroke). I also imagine that tunnel on the backcast too, in-line with the delivery target. But even so, I've been struggling to find real consistency on the delivery, however casting with Bernd last week, I started working on the idea that the target had a large cone funnelling into it (the target being an imaginary point dead centre of the ring). And I have to say that this is working now for me, and I'm even hitting the girly flowerpots.

Not a hell of a lot of fishing at the moment. Looking forward to fishing every day again soon.

Cheers, Paul

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