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Ronan's report

Tuesday September 2nd, 2008

The warm smell of a late summer´s hayfield is rising up in the air. All sorts of odours are creeping up my nose. Thank goodness I´m not prone to hay fever. Temperatures are mild and in the lower twenties celsius. I stand at the adjacent sports field and am threading the line through the guides of a new rod. This is the perfect place for a test cast. The sports field is even sheltered at one side from the forest close by.

It´s one of these days where you are at one with the world. I really enjoy the mood of an Indian summer´s day like our American pals use to call it. I extend the line a bit and then start false casting. The loops are nice and the line abandons itself to my impulse. As I stand there casting I hear the concerto of the grasshoppers and then a good buddy springs to mind who sometimes devotes a few hours to casting like I do at this place. But today he is not here. Franz gave me a call that he would head for another destination he hasn´t visited for quite a while.

As a new visitor to our flyfisher´s regular´s table he sat and listened to others, to their stories and their latest fishing reports. He was and still is chary at our little gatherings. He is not one of the sort, who would make a noisy appearance! Only recently he showed us what he is after from time to time. He is chasing bugs - yes bugs! No - he leaves his butterfly net at home. He´d rather take his camera equipped with a macro lens and would stalk or sit somewhere waiting for his chance! And he knows his stuff - I can tell you! He might use a flash from time to time but he is not flashy at all!


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