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Ronan's report

Friday 24th September, 2010

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Boy my azz is swollen

keep them doggies rollin'


Through rain and nasty weather,

and tickling with a feather,

just keep those chaps together,


Redheaded mane a-flowin'

Lets get this elk hunt goin'

Geez I wish it would stop snowin'


Stupid Alberta Cowboys takin',

their Girlfriends a strolling

stopped the Elk from showen

Geez I wish it would stop snowin’


I have never hunted or fished in weather like this! My boots absolutely squishy after about 7 minutes of walking. The time spent with my son has been great; we are not done yet still some time to get the job done.

I did not make up, all of the little ditty above, but my skinny azz is not built to sit in a stand or ground blind all friggin day in the rain and snow, fog and precious few minutes of sun . Also it seems every quasi Cowboy in SWAB wants to bring his present Girlfriend out and show her what hunting is all about. Of the times (3) that this has happened while we were hunting the couples have only lasted a total of 15minutes, Right Pissoff when they screw it up for others. At least Trevor’s Girlfriend has the common sense not to want to come out hunting, not that she could not but she does not want to, smart girl!

I have included a picture of a small brook that has some very small fry in it and was wondering how you would fish this, I am sure that the fry are Cutts or Bows it was a nice diversion from the damn wet snow.

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