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Ronan's report

Saturday June 30th, 2007

Lars and Matt turned out to be long lost brothers this week having identical tying stations which has made me a worry a little about Matt. We know Lars favors bicycle shorts and wet suits, so it's just a matter of time before Matt posts up his personal preference in form fitting clothing. He's already put up a picture of his legs, and I'm not looking forward to seeing them wrapped in lycra. Get out now while you still can.

Right now I'm in the throws of deciding whether to make a travel kit for my trip up to Alberta with Paul. Certainly have to have a few boxes worth of flies, but they're coming together at a pretty slow rate. If I can keep at least a minimum of a dozen per day net, I'll make my goal of a few of everything and anything. It sounds easy but "Per day net" is because many have already mysterious vanished into the day box. I've got to fish a few samples to see if they're effective right? The last few days have yielded sparkle/comparaduns in a few flavors and sizes from pale to mahogany and some spinners. There are also 4 RFU's but I've probably screwed up the pattern.

I just decided, yes to a travel kit! No way I'm going to have enough of the ones I need or worse any of the ones I wish I had. So what goes in there? A minimum for sure... a few tools (vise, bodkin, scissors, bobbin). Thread... should do it heavy and fine black. Gold wire, lead and an assortment of bead heads. Hooks... couple packs of wet, dry and streamer each. Now material... this is tougher. A patch of deer hair, some brown and grizzly hackle, wood duck & partridge, some rabbit strips, few packs of dubbing (natural shades and couple sparkly attractor), couple squares of foam, some flash, rubber legs. That should cover most of my go to patterns and fit in a fairly small pack. What am I missing?

I don't have a dedicated station... I've got a box with a few office organizers that explodes onto the table. It all becomes a mess pretty quickly, but Shannon doesn't mind as long she doesn't find the "rabbit face". Trust me, hide the hare's mask.


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