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Ronan's report

Wednesday 6th June, 2012

I'm still in Croatia, fishing the Gacka and training hard. I've been waiting for my credit card to clear what with two bank holidays FFS, and so have taken the opportunity to fish (well, I don't need much convincing to be honest!), train for the Ironman next month (this is the make or break six weeks training) and catch up with Sexyloops' emails (need a secretary, or two!). Alex joins me on Thursday, so I'll probably stay for Friday and teach on Saturday morning. Then possibly Germany...

Anyway, today I remembered what it is I love about running. I had forgotten for quite a few years to be honest. I think I'd forgotten because I'd set goals and in doing so had forgotten what it is to really run. I've been a runner all my life, from morning training for rugby as a school boy through to University, and again for short triathlons in my late 20's and again now that I'm serious about Ironman again. When I was 30 I was running 100 miles/week plus, and was a half-decent runner too (10K in 36 mins on the back of a Tri, and sub-3hr marathons); I've run across deserts, around volcanoes and through forests all over the world.

I haven't talked to other runners about it, so maybe it's just me(!), but there's a time (when I was really fit, about 6-8 miles into a run - today it was about 12 miles in) when my awareness changes, I see a blue light driving from my chest, with blue light flowing around me. I hear my heart pumping and the wind in my ears. I'm aware that my feet are connecting with ground, but lightly because I'm somehow weightless. Colours change; the trees and bushes glow and flash; sometimes I'm feel like I'm flying through light. Now I've remembered the feeling I want it every day...

Three hours running today, then two more on the bike. Back up the hills again tomorrow. Harder run, harder on the bike.

No sedge-rise tonight, but did see fish feeding in the reeds. No idea how to catch these. May have to try some NZ stalking tactics. Spooked a large brown that should have taken first cast, but didn't.

Have a great day,

PS Canada needs our help. Will be putting up a permanent link.

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