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Ronan's report

Monday November 19th, 2007

They said it would happen. That the two worlds can't work together, that one would win out. I didn't believe them. I'm not sure I do now.

The week, fast and critical, full of constant interactions, direction and processing, emails, meetings and all the trappings of engineering work. Under the lights, people all over needing things, providing things. Not that I don't like, I do. Not all of it of course, but it's happening... in fact, it never stops happening. What doesn't need to be done, isn't. After that first cup of coffee, I'm tuned to it. Not an automaton, but fully consumed.

Then suddenly it seems, it's gone, and I'm on the water. The brief interceding daydreams of fishing clear into reality. Just a rod, line, a fly, some water and me. The world has slowed but many times my head has not. Nature and idle thoughts struggle to mire the clockwork processes. A fish makes for a quick victory. Without that first one, sometimes the change doesn't happen.

My brains a mix. Which one wins?


ps. sorry for the late page!

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